Vladimir Putin is not olone

Putin: The US is to blame for almost all the world’s major conflicts ( The Independent)
Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused the US of undermining global stability, and warned that the world will face new wars if Washington does not respect the interests of other nations. During a speech in the Russian city of Sochi, the President argued that while Moscow does not see Washington as a threat US foreign policy has created chaos. Citing the wars in Iraq, Libya and Syria, he went on to accuse the US and its allies of “fighting against the results of its own policy”.
And as quoted in the Guardian :  “The exceptionalism of the United States, the way they implement their leadership, is it really a benefit? And their worldwide intervention brings peace and stability, progress and peak of democracy? Maybe we should relax and enjoy this splendour? No!” and  “Unilateral dictatorship and obtrusion of the patterns leads to opposite result. Instead of conflicts settlement – their escalation. Instead of sovereign, stable states – growing chaos. Instead of democracy – support for very dubious people, such as neo-Nazis and Islamic extremists.

Unfortunately in his criticism of US foreign policy based on the dogma of American exceptionalism Putin is not alone despite his remarks being called “diatribe” in the NZ Fairfax media. Again and again international surveys have found, which country is seen the most dangerous to world peace. In one of the latest examples researchers in their annual End of Year poll for WIN and Gallup International surveyed more than 66,000 people across 65 nations : In Gallup Poll, The Biggest Threat To World Peace Is … America ! 

Should this not cause New Zealand to pause for some thought before we again rush into another war at the side of the US ?

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