SIS chief: We’re about security not spying – Yeah right

New head of the SIS Rebecca Kitteridge wants to change the image of the spy agency. What is obvious is that she is on a public relations drive to change the public’s image of SIS agents.
She obviously doesn’t want to change the culture of the organisation if she is looking for “ethical young patriots“.

For one it reminds me to much of the post 9/11 US Patriot Act, which led to the abuse of power by the US government as for instance revealed by Edward Snowden.
It also reminds me of the story former Supreme Court Justice Sir Ted Thomas told a big public meeting in Auckland last year about his experience with the secret service. When he was vetted by their agents a few times for cases he was involved in as a judge they struck him rather less bright than “right wing” in their thinking.

Filling the services with patriots like that will not change the cold war culture and all the image makeover will be in vain.

PS. However I very much liked the NZ Herald photo of the lady. If only the  makeover of the SIS would be so easy.

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