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One more reason not to visit Gallipoli

This is again the time of year when some New Zealanders consider to make the pilgrimage to Gallipoli for ANZAC day celebrations. Two years ago after the centenary I have written about what is wrong with all these ANZAC day … Continue reading

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One cartoon a thousand thoughts

Sad but true. We are remembering, commemorating, celebrating – call it what you like – 100 years Gallipoli by again sending our young men into the Middle East on a mission impossible. Ever since the enormous cost of the WWI … Continue reading

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100 years Gallipoli: ANZAC propaganda still working overtime

I recently read Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” researching┬áthe source of the ideology behind the biggest crime of the 20th century may be ever. There I found an interesting assessment by the WWI western front veteran why England had won the war. … Continue reading

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