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How long will John Key succeed with his contempt for voters ?

It does not stop to amaze me how John Key and the National Party treat voters in Northland and the general public in New Zealand with contempt. They must assume that we are not only stupid but the enemy and they … Continue reading

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100 years after Gallipoli New Zealand’s ‘freedom and democracy’ will be decided in Northland

100 ago New Zealanders fought at Gallipoli for ‘freedom and democracy’ so we are told. Now our freedom and democracy hang in the balance depending on the result of the Northland by-election. Stuff reports that John Key is warning voters there is no “free … Continue reading

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Our War Heroes have died in vain

The ‘Heroes’ of all our wars have died in vain, betrayed by today’s government. We are continuously reminded of the democratic freedoms our ancestors lost their lives for on the battlefields, which is the ability of parliament to legislate on behalf of the … Continue reading

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