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There actually is an Alternative

Light at the end of the tunnel Of all the unexpected crazy political events of the last twelve months one will prove to be more significant than all the others. We have seen Brexit, the election of a self-confessed mass … Continue reading

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One picture worth a 1000 words

Recently former first lady Nancy Reagan – the one who introduced astrology into all the important White House decision making – has died. At her funeral this photo was taken : President Bush II & Hillary Clinton If there was … Continue reading

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Media – Branch of the Corporate State ?

“We all more or less hate the media as countless polls about the trustworthiness of various professions show. Journalists always rank at the bottom between politicians and used cars salesmen. But we as a democratic society cannot function without news … Continue reading

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Corbyn & Sanders – the end is nigh

It has been a while but now I find the time to reflect on recent events, which have send shockwaves through the political establishment on both sides of the Atlantic. Like the tsunami crossing the pacific at the time of writing … Continue reading

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Lurch to the neoliberal right I can’t help it to have the benefit of knowledge and experience, which only comes with age. Unlike everybody under 50 who grew up under the intense ‘greed is good’ indoctrination of the neoliberal Reagan/Thatcher/Rogernomics era … Continue reading

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