Why waste time discovering the truth ?

The West (USA) wants War

Or is it just the arms industry ? Or are Donald and Trump and Theresa May engaging in threatening war talk just to distract from their domestic problems ?
American demand of it’s NATO allies has been for many years to increase their defence spending to 2% of their respective GDPs. The US don’t have any problem with that as they already outspend the rest of the world. At present 647 Billion US dollars is more then four times as much as nearest rival China and almost 14 times as much as Russia. They spend more than the next 12 biggest defence spenders combined (see Defense spending by Country). The US arms industry is the main beneficiary of all these billions. Imagine their windfall if NATO is pressed to follow suit and more then double their spending.
To justify this to the taxpayers you need an enemy and a threat.

Ever since the fall of the Berlin Wall the West became the aggressor against Russia. First they extended NATO up to the Russian border against promises given to President Gorbachev when he agreed to the re-unification of Germany. Then the CIA financed and staged a coup against the democratically elected pro-Russian president of the Ukraine. This led to civil war in which the West supported the West Ukraine regime with fascist pedigree  and Russia supported her brethren in the East. Result so far was Russia accepted Crimea back into her fold after a decisive referendum. Still Western propaganda calls it an annexation.

Right now central European NATO countries are planning to upgrade their roads and bridges to be able to move tanks and heavy equipment faster towards the East. They haven’t given it the code-name “Unternehmen Barbarossa” yet – Hitler’s code-name for the invasion of the Soviet Union. It is not hard to imagine how the Russians must feel about it.

A letter to the editor of the NZ Herald perfectly sums up the absurdity of the situation :

War with Russia is however not likely. Thankfully Russia has enough nukes to make a war un-winnable.
That danger lies with Israel threatening war against Iran. Benjamin Netanyahu : “We want war with Iran rather sooner than later”. This however is nothing new. Israel’s existence and expansion is based on terror, ethnic cleansing and war. Israel is always getting away with it as it has the backing of the USA which has used its veto power in the UN Security Council to protect Israel more than all other permanent members on any other issue.

The new really frightening dimension is Donald Trump and the religious fundamentalist lunatics he has surrounded himself with. These are the people who want war in the Middle East. They want Armageddon to give them – the Righteous – one-way tickets to heaven. The Christian equivalent of the Taliban. The opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem is only the first step. The NZ Herald on 16.May 18 had a very scary article about these


Why waste time discovering the truth

Countries especially democracies which want to go to war have a problem. They have to get the people on board. This is nothing new. That is what propaganda is for. Propaganda is by definition the opposite of the Truth. We have to be fed lies the bigger the better. The majority of people are too ignorant or disinterested in (global) politics that they are not able or willing to recognise the difference.
There is a history of lies which made us go to war. Just two recent examples are the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution which led to the full-scale Vietnam war and the Weapons of Mass Destruction lie, which led the US and Britain into the Iraq war. Both ended as military and political disasters which cost millions of lives.

However the internet and social media lifted the propaganda game to a whole new level. Now it is so easy to spread a lie to millions of people instead of just the guy next to you at the pub. Media as the gatekeepers with journalists as fact checkers are circumvented so lies become unchecked and unchallenged. When the lie is out there the media fail in their duty to discover the truth.

I recently picked up a David Baldacci novel titled “the whole truth“. I keep going back to the front to check if it is really copyrighted 2008 . The first page just says :

Why waste time discovering the truth
when you can so easily create it  ?

Spoiler alert : A video clip is produced allegedly showing a (non existing) Russian atrocity. Anonymous distribution via the internet spreading like wild fire. Mainstream Media repeating the accusation without any fact checking. Mass anti-Russian hysteria and protest. Russia’s protestations fall on deaf ears. Behind it all vested financial interests of  an US arms manufacturer.

Fast forward to 2018.

– Amateurish assassination attempt with Soviet era nerve agent against ex-Russian spy living for ten years in Salisbury after prisoner exchange. British government immediately blames Russian president without a shred of evidence. Tit for tat diplomat expulsion. Word wide anti-Russian hysteria driven by mainstream media without any fact checking. Calls for increase in defence spending. After months British police reveal that they have no suspect.

–  Video clip released by the infamous “White Helmets” (see John Pilger) with the claim that is was a gas attack by the Syrian government. The “White Helmets” are a government funded ex-British military outfit operating in Syria claiming to be an aid organisation bona fide aid organisations have never heard off. Syrian government denies any gas attack. No independent verification. Robert Fisk, one of the most respected Western journalist living in the Middle East for decades arrives at the scene a couple of days later talks to hospital staff and people living in the area and finds no evidence of a gas attack. One doctor is quoted :
There was a lot of shelling [by government forces] and aircraft were always over Douma at night – but on this night, there was wind and huge dust clouds began to come into the basements and cellars where people lived. People began to arrive here suffering from hypoxia, oxygen loss. Then someone at the door, a “White Helmet”, shouted “Gas!”, and a panic began. People started throwing water over each other. Yes, the video was filmed here, it is genuine, but what you see are people suffering from hypoxia – not gas poisoning.”
But you see what you want to see. The West (US, Britain, France) have already launched retaliatory bombing raids. Never mind that the UN are still investigating the claims.

 –  The most audacious and dangerous piece of anti- Iranian propaganda (see Washington Post report and footage) was delivered by prime minister Netanyahu of Israel. A state which secretly developed nuclear weapons and still denies their existence and unlike Iran is not party to any nuclear arms treaty and does not allow any international inspectors. Subsequently the Israeli occupiers of the Syrian Golan Heights were warned to go to their bunkers and some rockets duly landed on that occupied territory. This was then given as a reason for Israel’s attack on Iranian positions in Syria.

The US wanted war with Iran for a long time (must watch: Anissa Naouai). They used proxies like Saddam Hussein’s before to wage war on Iran.
How long will it take for Israel to attack Iran most likely with nuclear weapons and the backing of Washington’s Horsemen of the Apocalypse ? Western propaganda is doing overtime to prepare us. The Media perpetuate the propaganda instead of checking facts and finding the truth..

Why waste time discovering the truth
when you can so easily create it  ?

by Dr. Hans B. Grueber
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