Planet Key

Toby Manhire in the NZ Herald on 21 Nov 14 quotes John Key talking on a Northland radio station “When we talk about the Treaty and sovereignty and all those matters, you take a step back and say, well, what was really happening? In my view New Zealand was one of the very few countries in the world that were settled peacefully.” Manhire then asked the question: Or is it just that he can’t remember which side he was on during the Land Wars?
Here of course he refers to the fact that Mr Key pretends not to remember, which side he was on during the 1981 Springbok Tour when he was a young student at Canterbury University.
This goes to show that Key has no roots or sense of history in New Zealand. He is an alien living on planet Key with no apparent loyalty to our country. Where will he go when he quits his job having sold our sovereignty (TPP), last assets and government services to his overseas finance and corporate mates. Will he go back to his spiritual home on Wall Street and play some golf with ex-president Obama? Or will he rock up at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv to claim his Israeli citizenship?
New Zealanders have been blinded for to long by the fact that Key made 50 million playing the currency market in London and New York and therefore must be good. When are we waking up to the truth that the man is fake. A construct of a clever PR machine. The kid from the state house making good. As he moved on conveniently forgetting the state house and free education he benefitted from.

This was only the story of last week.
Don’t get me started on this week. I am still looking for words to describe the audacity or in his case rather chutzpah deflecting from the Dirty Politics of his administration.
His Australian PR people told him already during the election campaign to lie and deny and deny and lie as their polling showed that New Zealanders were not interested and would let him get away with it. And they were and are right. John Key is the ideal client for ruthless PR people as he has no roots, no history, no loyalty, no morals, no decency just a blank canvass to paint a nice picture on.

What does this really tell us about our gullible selves other then that New Zealand got the Prime Minister she deserves ?

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