The Dogs of War, again – how ‘odd’ ?

We are just being prepared for joining another war, again !

I will not argue about the evil of our latest enemy.
However I have a nagging question ever since I arrived in this county well over 30 years ago and fell in love with it and its wonderful friendly people.

Why is it that New Zealand seems so eager to join every war going at the time. Looking back over the 20th century New Zealand was by my rough count part of eight wars and even offering her participation in the Malvinas (Falkland) war, which was thankfully not accepted. In contrast for instance Germany, seen by many first through WWI propaganda and then for the 12 year Nazi regime as militaristic and war mongering, was involved in only three or four wars and the latest only kicking and screaming against their will.
What is it in this far remote allegedly ‘independent’ paradise in the South Pacific that makes us want to join any far away war as soon as we are asked.
The latest reason given by PM Key might have been the reason all along that it would be odd if NZ didn’t join her friends.

Here I envisage a puny little guy standing before a judge after being involved in another gang brawl explaining that it would have been ‘odd’ not to join in with his friends. And I hear the judge saying when are you going to grow up, think for yourself and make your own decisions before you get into a fight.

I always thought it to be one of the greatest and indeed groundbreaking achievements of Helen Clark’s government to at least keep us out of one war, the disastrous Iraq war. We since have fallen back into line stopped thinking and instead honouring our (five eye or other) patch.

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