The Christmas present too much of a temptation !

In desperation on the last day before Christmas I visited a local artist who had supplied beautiful presents before, one of which was sadly destroyed in a recent storm. I didn’t find what I was looking for till he pointed to a sculpture hidden in the back of his studio. I liked it immediately. The artist had called this pear “Adam’s Temptation”.


I liked it even more when I heard the backstory. The temptation had obviously been to much for some and he was asked to remove the piece from the major gallery in Matakana.

However you look at it


this raises some interesting issues.

One is that of censorship of art.

The other is the problem some New Zealanders obviously still living in Victorian times are having with nudity. How is it that the naked body – nature itself – can be so offensive even if some are less beautiful than others. The uproar and possible prosecution of naked swimmers or sun bathers especially in the presence of children. What are we teaching our children if we make them feel that naked bodies including their own are something naughty.
And don’t get me started on banning breastfeeding mothers to the toilet because a little bit of nipple might be exposed to the public. It makes me angry.

How do these sick, prudish, moral guardians survive in the age of film, television and the internet. They need serious help before they can be let anyway near our children.

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