Sky City and the magic potion, which lets JK get away with it


The “free” Sky City Convention Centre has always been a bum deal. The old casino rule applies : The house always wins. That how the roulette wheel or the poky machines are programmed.

The initial deal was packaged as “We get a 400 million convention centre for FREE”. Of course we did not get anything for free or otherwise. Last time I looked it is the casino company getting the convention centre and not the taxpayer owning it.
Then it was never for free. It is loser pays that is the poorest of the poor hooked on the extra 250 pokies paying for the Sky City (and not our) convention centre.
Now we are told that the much hyped deal would give us an “eyesore” and we all as taxpayers are invited to join the ranks of the poor losers and cough up an extra 140 million and it will not end there.

Why is anyone surprised ? That is how the present neoliberal economic system works making the rich richer and the poor poorer. And our 50 million dollar Prime Minister is a key cog in this criminal system.

And he is getting away with it as with telling white lies, dirty politics


and giving New Zealand’s highest honour to Prince Philipp a couple of years back (something which this week gave the Australian PM “a political near-death experience“).

The leader’s grip on power has slipped since last month when he drew widespread criticism for making 93-year-old Prince Philip an Australian knight

If only this special teflon coating substance John Key seems to possess could be bottled. All politicians, captains of industry and the rest of the neoliberal so called elite would be queuing up for this magic potion.

We are saddled with this government at least to the end of this term. I only wonder how much worse it will have to get till the New Zealand voter will wake up from the dream, which in fact is a nightmare for most.

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