One law for all – New Zealanders fighting in foreign wars

New Zealand’s Prime Minister has been swept up in the world wide media storm after the beheading of three Western hostages by ISIS in Syria. What a PR coup for the murderers. Being horrified by the video footage we have forgotten about 3000 Palestinians (mostly women and children) killed in Gaza or 300000 Syrians (mostly civilians) killed in their civil war. Instead of keeping cool heads in this serious situation it looks like the government is following the great example of Australia’s Tony Abbot by shooting from the hip.

If the Prime Minister is really considering a hard-line change similar to Australia’s to detain those suspected of heading off to fight overseas and deal with those returning, as reported in the NZ Herald,  we are all for it. However we would of course expect it to be one law for all. We can’t wait to see our SAS troops heading for war in the Middle East being arrested at Auckland airport.
If we only have had a law like that 100 years ago. Thousands of young New Zealanders would not have been killed or wounded in a senseless foreign war and/or come back thoroughly terrorised and brutalised.
How wonderful that would have been and still would be today.

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