Drought, Flood, Fire – You voted for it !

We are in a drought earlier than in previous years. As stuff reported with large areas of the country drying out alarmingly quickly, weather forecasts are offering little hope of significant rainfall anytime soon. (as of the end of January)


This seems to be getting worse and worse every year as we become more like Australia. As I write we are experiencing wildfires in the tinder dry parts of the South Island burning down houses, which are one of the effects of global warming.
Last year there were several severe flood events in Northland. Three 20 or 50 year events in a couple of months. As other extreme weather events also an effect of global warming. At one stage the road connection to the rest of the country hung by a thread.

So we know that these extreme weather events are linked to and are one of the hallmarks of Climate Change or to be more precise Global Warming.

At the same time scientists warn us as for example the Guardian reports: Fossil fuel warning: Climate scientists beg governments to leave buried natural resources in the ground.
‘Scientists calculated that a third of global oil reserves, half of gas reserves and more than 80 per cent of coal reserves should remain in the ground as “unburnable” to avoid exceeding the 2C “safe” threshold for global warming’.

The most comprehensive must read book about the situation is Naomi Klein latest :


with the subtitle : Capitalism vs The Climate

We have no excuse anymore for not knowing and/or not caring about future generations and our planet.

Our government and its scientists as the rest of the United Nations and its international panel of climate scientists know that burning all the existing reserves makes reaching the climate goal of no more than 2 degree Celsius increase in temperature all but impossible.

Still our NZ government has a climate/energy policy, which can best been described in the immortal words of Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin

“Drill Baby Drill”.

Deep sea drilling for oil/gas, fracking under our most productive land, coal mining on conservation land, open cast mining for lignite coal, one of the dirtiest of fossil fuels. You name it, everything is sacrificed  on the altar of progress and growth.


When are we joining the dots ? When are we realising or rather stop ignoring or worse denying the fact that we are contributing to the weather extremes we are suffering ? When are we taking responsibility ? One way we have power is as voters. When are we going to use our votes responsibly ?

A friend of mine in Northland has joined the dots. When he hears the farmers, business people and just ordinary folks complaining about the drought or flood they are suffering he has diminished sympathy telling them : You voted for it !
And I am pessimistic that you up in the safe blue Northland seat will do it again in the coming by-election voting for this ecocidal government.

In the past you could take comfort that it would be your children and their children who will suffer from what we are doing today. That comfort is gone as you up in Northland as the rest of us are suffering today. Climate change is not a thing of the future anymore. It is here right now.

How much worse does it have to get till the penny drops ?

by Dr. Hans B. Grueber

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