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Planet Key

Toby Manhire in the NZ Herald on 21 Nov 14 quotes John Key talking on a Northland radio station “When we talk about the Treaty and sovereignty and all those matters, you take a step back and say, well, what was really … Continue reading

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John Key Minister of Double-standards

It seems a long time ago actually just earlier this year that Minister Maurice Williamson rang the police on behalf of a Chinese immigrant. His explanation that he rang in his capacity not as Minister but the electoral MP or just … Continue reading

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Rod Oram : Defend the right to debate

If you haven’t read Rod Oram’s latest column yet please do ! It hasn’t stopped to amaze me how brilliantly the government spin worked in the lead-up to the recent election. It had almost an Orwellian quality of turning the meaning of … Continue reading

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About righteous little ‘Pricks’ and righteous big ‘Pricks’

Thank God that she made New Zealand small and economically insignificant. Therefore our Prime Minister responsible for our economic direction is only a righteous little Prick. Remember some time back when John Key rubbished and demonised the Greens’ Russell Norman’s … Continue reading

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John Key’s little Henchman

Saturdays NZ Herald editorial (Read full article) made us speechless. It put totally different “crimes” in the same extradition pot. Cairns charged with perjury in the UK is called “brave” for going back to London to face the charges as if … Continue reading

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Welcome all

It has been 15 years since our last cyber presence with our web-site “Economic Myth Busters”. Reading the editorial after all that time it looks like it could have been written yesterday. Inequality was a major issue during the recent … Continue reading

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