Should Labour turn to the right ?

After a crushing election defeat the Labour Party is  looking to solve its leadership problems. However more importantly it should be and hopefully will be looking at its policy direction.
Some say it should lurch back to the right while others like columnist Dita de Boni in the NZ Herald say : Instead of trying to appeal to ‘middle New Zealand’, the party should stand by progressive values. Read full article here
Some central questions need to be answered like :
What if any progressive values are left within Labour since the 1984 Rogernomics experiment ?
What is the party’s purpose in politics anyway, to stick to and promote its core values or to gain power at any cost ?
Let us assume that the answers are no core values left worth fighting for or even worse that the purpose in politics is just to win power the result would be dire for our democracy. If this would be true for mainstream political parties we would be left with everyone aiming for the elusive ‘middle ground’ and the voter left with no other choice than the same milk either in a bottle or a carton.
Thanks to MMP we have a choice to vote for principled parties like the Greens without wasting our vote. Low fat milk in a green bottle.

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