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A seat at the Big Table – let’s live up to our good ‘brand’

Even if you don’t suffer from Colonial cringe and overly rejoice at every sporting win over the Imperials or the bigger cousins across the ditch and every other occasion where we ‘punch above our weight’ you have reason to celebrate that New … Continue reading

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The Dogs of War, again – how ‘odd’ ?

We are just being prepared for joining another war, again ! I will not argue about the evil of our latest enemy. However I have a nagging question ever since I arrived in this county well over 30 years ago … Continue reading

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Guest Post: The Sale of the Power Companies

Could it be a Blessing in Disguise? Many commentators, including this blog, have chastised the government for selling half of its power companies despite strong opposition from the general public. In the early nineties, I myself was involved in a … Continue reading

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About righteous little ‘Pricks’ and righteous big ‘Pricks’

Thank God that she made New Zealand small and economically insignificant. Therefore our Prime Minister responsible for our economic direction is only a righteous little Prick. Remember some time back when John Key rubbished and demonised the Greens’ Russell Norman’s … Continue reading

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One law for all – New Zealanders fighting in foreign wars

New Zealand’s Prime Minister has been swept up in the world wide media storm after the beheading of three Western hostages by ISIS in Syria. What a PR coup for the murderers. Being horrified by the video footage we have … Continue reading

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Nicky Hager Raid: It doesn’t smell – it stinks

The media reaction to the police raid on Nicky Hager’s house was predictable. See for instance the NZ Herald editorial on Friday 10 October. It is too close to home for them as well and they are right to be … Continue reading

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Open letter to Gareth Morgan re Green Party

Dear Gareth Morgan We have followed your contributions to public discussion since the crazy days past 1984 when you were one true blue apostle of Roger Douglas’ neoliberal/neoconservative revolution. Then you seemed to have had sort of an epiphany during your motorbike … Continue reading

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Capitalism vs Nature, can there be a fair contest ?

In Saturday’s Herald John Roughan looking at the planned reform of the Resource Management Act suggests that there can be a fair contest between the economy and the environment (read more). He refers to decisions about a tunnel and monorail … Continue reading

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Should Labour turn to the right ?

After a crushing election defeat the Labour Party is  looking to solve its leadership problems. However more importantly it should be and hopefully will be looking at its policy direction. Some say it should lurch back to the right while … Continue reading

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NZ Election Results – Why ?

New Zealand or rather New Zealanders who bothered to vote in the last election voted over 60% for right wing parties. Among the many reasons like popularity of the incumbent PM, better resources, strategy, polling, spin of the ruling party, media … Continue reading

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