NZ Election Results – Why ?

New Zealand or rather New Zealanders who bothered to vote in the last election voted over 60% for right wing parties.
Among the many reasons like popularity of the incumbent PM, better resources, strategy, polling, spin of the ruling party, media bias, detractions etc two main reasons really stand out.
1.   As so often the “Left” was divided and fighting each other over policies within the main opposition party and between the parties, which wanted to change the government. The “Right” on the other hand did not let policies get into the way to keep the eye on the ball, which is power. They had helped each other into safe seats and had the post-election deals already nicely sawn up.
2.   The children of Ronald Reagan, Margret Thatcher and Roger Douglas are now coming home to vote. Everyone under 50 lived through his formative years under the neo-liberal / conservative ideology, which has become the new orthodoxy. Traditional values like support for or even empathy with the poor, co-operation for the common good, solidarity with your fellow men have been replaced by everybody for himself and “greed is good”.

Why is anybody surprised by the election results ?

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4 Responses to NZ Election Results – Why ?

  1. Peter says:

    Why all these far-fetched excuses? The simple answer is that that 60% of voters simply do not like left-wing policies.

  2. admin says:

    We are calling it reasons not excuses.
    The fact remains that 60% of voters did not vote for what they perceived as “left-wing” parties.
    The question remains : Why ?
    Is does not necessarily mean that they liked the policies of the “Right” better than the “Left”. Remember in the last election people voted for National despite disliking their policies like asset sales. It looks like they liked the person not his policies.

  3. Peter says:

    That is exactly what I said: People dislike left-wing policies – which is not the same as saying they like right-wing policies.

  4. admin says:

    Are you saying that the election result for the “Left” is due to policy while the result for the “Right” is not connected to policy. I don’t think that you can differentiate “Left” and “Right” like that.
    I would argue that the correct conclusion is that people’s vote has very little to do with policies they otherwise favour. There is lots evidence to support this conclusion where people are stating their policy preferences and still vote differently.
    By the way the official election results confirm that the election is not such a disaster for one and triumph for the other side as the media made us believe.

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