Capitalism vs Nature, can there be a fair contest ?

In Saturday’s Herald John Roughan looking at the planned reform of the Resource Management Act suggests that there can be a fair contest between the economy and the environment (read more). He refers to decisions about a tunnel and monorail in Fiordland, which were turned down. This however does not give us any comfort as there were not contests between the economy and the environment because these proposals didn’t even make economic sense.
Gary Taylor as quoted is right when he says “economic and environmental matters would compete for primacy. We all know what they would mean for the environment.” We only have to reframe it to match the reality of the contest into Capitalism vs Nature to predict the dire results.
However it is only the old paradigm which turns it into a contest. It is not one or the other. There is (in the long run) no economy without or even against nature. One is based on the other. The sooner we get this into our heads the better for both.

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